The Beginning of NOSS

The Chronicles of NOSS

Before NOSS, there was a project called Surreal Society. We will be referring to it as "SS" from here on.

SS started minting around 8 months after Bored Ape, so they were pretty early in terms of NFTs during the bull market. SS set out to launch a 10,000 supply collection for 0.15 ETH each, and they had the hype to do it.

But tragedy would fall upon them since they used a Fiverr developer and ended up bricking 20 ETH (it's still there; you can go look).

So they relaunched, but the hype left the chat...

Plus, they had a reveal issue, which was a mix upload of PNG and JPEG files resulting in half of the NFTs not revealing.

SS had boner after boner. They then used the funds from the 1000 minted SS to buy NFTs and give them away to build more hype juice, but it didn't work out. This dragged on for months.

Eventually, they decided to hand the project over to the community!

That is when our founder and a few friends stepped up to the challenge of running a project!

They needed to build a team, so they hit me up. I mean, they hit up Falcone.eth from the Smellies cult (shameless plug) cough cough.

TLDR Version

NOSS used to be Surreal Society, but the NOSS team took over. We airdropped all 1000 NFTs on a newly audited and deployed contract to our OG holders. We created the best onboarding tool for projects that rewards holders for their time. We grew our community using our own tool called PheraMone.

PheraMone is in over 85 servers and growing fast!

Demand for more NOSS NFTs was so high that we had to reopen mint for the first time in 18 months, and we did it for 6 hours only, minting an amazing 175 new NFTs to the blockchain.

They asked him if he wanted to join the team and help them revive the project. Falcone thought about it, but once he saw the artwork and how badly the community wanted their NFTs to reveal, he couldn't just do nothing, so he did something.

He said yes and did one better and brought in a developer called Vakkuda who would soon airdrop all the OG SS holders their exact NOSS NFT 1-1 (it was super epic). Together, the four horsemen rode into the forest of WEB3 in hopes of relighting this torch called Surreal Society. But we knew it was a sour name to hear for many, so we creatively remodeled the entire brand into "NOSS (Not Surreal Society)" - so genius.

We had but only one quest - to mint and reveal the sexy artwork, but we musn't be too hasty. If we are going to do this, it needs to be done right! We had to build hype. That's when Tiophil, our Gigachad of a founder, created the idea for Phera Mone, and together with a cool guy named Shiffed from Alphablocks, they created it. It was perfect in every way.

The idea was this: giveaway something, and people would come to your Discord from other communities. This benefits:

  • The community who participates.

  • Founders who use Phera Mone.

The idea was golden. We use our tools to get hype, which also promotes our tools in the process. Our community wanted NOSS NFTs, but our floor price was 0.2 due to the diamond-hand OGs we have. Because of the desire for NOSS, we opened mint for 6 hours. During that time, we talked with holders and other project founders about Phera Mone and its use case along with future developments.

We were thrilled to have over 100 minted NOSS from our community.

This is the story of NOSS, the phoenix that has risen from the ashes. (The story continues.)